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Tips Every Homebuyer Should Know

CCNB offers a number of mortgage products to fit a borrower’s needs.

“Buying a home is most likely the single largest investment that people will make in their lifetime,” said Scott Benninga, CCNB’s SVP/Mortgage Banking Manager. “It’s important to take an honest look at your budget first to make sure you are fully prepared to buy a home and preparation is key.”

CCNB offers these tips to help you prepare for buying a home:

A thorough analysis of your financial situation is central to the decision to buy. Calculate all of your monthly expenses, in addition to your potential mortgage payment, homeowner’s insurance, taxes and various fees.  Factor in other obligations like car payments, credit card debt, and living expenses. Construct a budget for home maintenance costs as well. Aim to keep the mortgage payment and all other obligations below 43 percent of your monthly income, and stay within your budget when considering homes. CCNB’s mortgage lending team is happy to help guide you through the home buying process and answer any questions you might have.

Your credit history is an important factor when applying for a loan. The score reflects how well you manage your debt and is calculated using data from your credit report. A lower credit score will result in a higher interest rate on your loan. If your score is too low, you may not be approved for a loan. There are some steps you can take to improve your credit score, including paying your bills on time, only opening lines of credit you need and keeping your credit card balances below half of your available credit. There are several ways to improve your credit score, and more information can be found online at the

Getting a loan requires documentation including, but not limited to: pay stubs, tax returns and financial statements that are less than 60 days old. Provide copies of additional monthly payments such as car loans, credit cards, and student loans. You should also bring any additional information you think will help your banker evaluate your financial situation.

Once you have found a home within your budget and agreed on a purchase price, there will be costs associated with closing the sale. These costs can vary and will depend on the purchase price and whether a real estate attorney, or title/escrow company will be involved in the transaction. By law, lenders are required to give you a written estimate of closing costs within three days of accepting your loan application. Do you have questions about closing costs? Ask a CCNB mortgage specialist today by calling 843-839-2265 (BANK).

When choosing your mortgage specialist, selecting a local lender for your mortgage is often a very good idea. Not only are you working with a mortgage specialist who knows the area well, working with an experienced local lender could provide insight into working with local builders too. If you’re considering new construction, a local mortgage lender might know how long a particular builder’s construction project typically takes to complete and offer solutions to make sure you get the best rate possible. For example, CCNB’s extended rate lock program allows you the ability to lock in a great rate while your home is under construction.  Also, working with a local bank can help expedite the closing process especially if you pre-qualify.  Click here to learn more about pre-qualifying for a mortgage. CCNB provides timely decisions, and quick closings, so you’ll be in your new home faster!

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