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Loans Simplified

Being prepared makes applying for a mortgage easier.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts

• Keep all existing credit cards open
• Don’t max out or surpass credit limits
• Do not apply for new credit of any kind
• Avoid consolidating debt into one or two cards
• Avoid making large deposits
• Stay current on all monthly payment obligations
• Be prepared to pay off collections required by underwriting*
• Provide any documentation of satisfied judgements or paid tax liens
• Maintain your current employment status
• Avoid starting a new career or switching companies through the mortgage process
• Contact your CCNB loan officer before making any decisions or changes that could affect you financially.
• Call us toll-free (866)418-9219 or contact us with any questions

Here’s a mortgage checklist to help you get started!

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Not sure where to start?
CCNB’s mortgage specialists will use our ‘We Can Do That!’ spirit to help you get moving!

Here are some additional resources, especially for first-time homebuyers:
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• Tips for first time home buyer
• Tips Every Home Buyer Should Know

Have more questions? No worries, we have answers!
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