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CCNB Enriches Lives Throughout The Community

Coastal Carolina National Bank – your healthy bank – cares about you,
your fiscal wellness, and the health of our community.

It is with great privilege that CCNB supports many charitable events, local organizations and groups – like the United Way – who are dedicated to improving lives throughout the community. When you bank with CCNB, you are keeping our local economy booming. After all, we’re not just bankers, we’re your neighbors.

When you’re running a business or running a household your health matters. In addition to caring for your fiscal wellness and the health of our community, CCNB cares about your physical wellness. As a healthy bank, CCNB recognizes the importance of achieving balance. Whether you’re balancing your checkbook or trying to balance your time between work and home, left unmanaged, stress can take its toll on your physical wellbeing. Budgeting your finances and maintaining a regular exercise regime takes both discipline and focus, but when achieved both pay dividends.

CCNB sponsors many health and wellness events so you and your family can live a healthier, happier life.

Be The Change. A Stronger Community Starts With You.
Join CCNB’s pursuit to help support our community. Here are some of the things we’re doing to help the community, and ways for you to become involved.

CCNB Community Room
Does your charity, non-profit group or organization need a place to meet? We can help. CCNB is happy to host your next meeting and provide a place for your group to meet.

CCNB Sponsored Events
CCNB sponsors events throughout the communities we serve. “Like us” on Facebook to stay connected.

Your Health Matters
This is your place for tips on how to create a healthier you.