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Mortgage Checklist

For your convenience, here’s a checklist of the information we need to process your mortgage on a timely basis. Being prepared will help you avoid unnecessary delays. Questions? Contact a mortgage representative and we’ll be glad to help.

Basic information required
__ Last 2 years W-2’s and personal tax returns
__ Last 30 days consecutive pay stubs along with the most recent through the last month prior to closing
__ Name, address, and telephone number(s) of employers for the past 2 years
__ Most recent two (2) months bank statements (all pages). Including 401K, credit union, profit-sharing, etc.). We will also need the most recent statement through last month, prior to closing
__ FHA/VA only: Copy of social security card(s)
__ If presently renting, provide the name, address, and telephone number(s) of the landlord, or a letter from the landlord, stating the amount of your monthly rent that includes the statement: “Paid as agreed for past 12 months”
__ Application Fee (See lender for applicable fee amount)
__ Signed contract and all riders on the home being purchased
__ Names and phone numbers of the real estate agent, attorney, and insurance agent

If you currently own real estate
In addition to the basic information listed above, you’ll need:
__ Copy of most current mortgage statement (evidence owned free & clear if no lien exists)
__ Copy of most current Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
__ Copy of most current property tax bill
__ Copy of most current home equity line of credit (if applicable)
Copy of HOA dues billing statement (if applicable). If no HOA dues exist, provide a signed letter that states so

Miscellaneous information (if applicable)
In addition to basic information:
__ Recorded divorce decree(s) or separation agreements  (All Pages)
__ Recorded bankruptcy discharge and schedule of creditors
__ Most recent social security award letter or pension award letter
__ Filed and stamped release of any judgment and paid receipts of all collections
__ 12-month court printout of received child support
__ Address and information on any other real estate owned (see requirements above )

Self-employed buyers:
In addition to basic information:
__ Business returns for most current 2 years filed (including all schedules, k1s, and return attachments)
__ Current YTD Profit Loss statement
__ 3 months business account bank statements (all pages)
__ Evidence of payment to IRS for taxes due on most current taxes filed or evidence of refund received

In addition to basic information:
__ Copy of DD-214 is needed to order a Certificate of Eligibility from the Dept. of VA

*Please note:  Buyers that are self-employed
Must provide thorough tax records and we might need more financial documentation upon application due to the nature of your employment and employment status

*Note also:  U.S. Veterans
Additional information pertaining to your branch of service might need to be provided when applying for VA loans

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