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We offer HELOCs

Whether you’re looking for the home of your dreams or dreaming about improving your home, CCNB uses our “We Can Do That” spirit to turn your dreams into reality. We offer competitive rates (based on the prime rate as published in the WSJ), $250 closing cost credit, and no floor.

At CCNB, we know one size doesn’t always fit all. We take the time to meet with you and create a solution that fits your financial lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for great rates on a home mortgage or considering a home equity line of credit, Coastal Carolina National Bank responds quickly with our “We Can Do That” spirit and local market know-how to help you succeed. We’ll help you turn your dreams into reality.
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*Rate is subject to change. Rate shown is for qualified borrowers with an LTV up to 70.0% and subject to credit approval. The property must be owner-occupied, serving as a primary residence. HELOC must be in first or second lien position. Minimum line amount of $25,000. Interest-only HELOC requires a 700 (or higher) credit score. Additional rate adjustments may apply. The interest rate is a variable term based on the “Prime Rate” published in the Wall Street Journal with “no floor” and a ceiling of 18%. Property insurance (and, if applicable, flood insurance) is required. CCNB will pay up to $250 off closing costs. Interest may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor regarding tax deductibility. You must also pay certain fees to third parties such as appraisers, credit reporting firms, and government agencies. Typically, fees total $1 to $2,000. Limited time offer. Promotion may be discontinued without notice.

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