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Advancing Towards Universal Design

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, July 22, 2022 – CCNB Center, located on 38th Avenue in Myrtle Beach, and home to Coastal Carolina National Bank has recently taken steps toward becoming more universally accessible to all who enter. This change was put into motion when Donna R. Gore, a new bank customer and lifelong advocate for many causes including disability, met with bank associates to suggest ways we can be more welcoming to people with disabilities.

“It was important to me to bank with a community bank,” said Gore. “Having a bank that listens to their customers and strives to meet the unique needs of every person, no matter their level of ability, is a quality I wish more businesses had.”

The new automated door opener was installed in June.

“After receiving Ms. Gore’s suggestions, we took immediate action,” according to Brandy Johnson, CCNB’s Branch Manager. “Our customers have already responded favorably to the automation we’ve added and appreciate what Ms. Gore is doing to help others.”

Gore has been a permanent Myrtle Beach resident since 2019, and has recently begun to direct her advocacy work to this area. As a person who has lived with spastic cerebral palsy since birth, she is passionate about educating the Grand Strand about how it can be more inclusive to everyone, one way in particular being through incorporating more Universal Design.

Sometimes referred to as Lifespan Design, Universal Design (UD) is an architectural concept that recognizes, respects, values, and attempts to accommodate the broadest possible spectrum of human ability. The result is a well-designed space that considers people of all ages and capabilities.

According to Gore, “To me, this installation is more than just about an automatic door. The goal of Universal Design is to exceed the minimum ADA standards to meet the needs of as many users as possible. By increasing awareness, we’re making the Grand Strand a more universally welcoming environment. Most people haven’t yet heard about universal design. Making sure we keep learning and listening is essential to making our community more accessible to everyone” says Gore.

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