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CCNB Walking Trails at Brookgreen Gardens

This year, CCNB partnered with Brookgreen Gardens to promote a series of four walking trails that wind through distinctive areas of the gardens and the Native Wildlife Zoo. First established in 2011, Brookgreen’s Walking Program offers its members, local residents, and Lowcountry visitors an unforgettable experience. The trails include a Lowcountry Hike, Inner Garden Walk, Zoo Adventure Strut, and Beyond the Garden Stroll. The trails are well-maintained and remain open throughout the year, providing a fitness activity for families and individuals of all ages in every season.

Sponsoring Brookgreen’s Walking Trails is a part of our initiative to promote health and wellness activities throughout the Grand Strand. As bankers we use our “We Can Do That” spirit and local market know-how to care for your financial health. As your neighbors, we care for your wellbeing by sponsoring several health and wellness activities throughout Coastal Carolina.


CCNB sponsors contests and challenges to keep you motivated and moving.
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